RADIUS GROUP is a leading provider for the Middle East region of products and services specialized in water management, water movement, and water quality improvement.

Since 2010, RADIUS has become a prominent partner in helping the public and private sectors reach their water conservation and sustainability objectives.

RADIUS’s range of products includes the latest innovations and technologies of smart water control systems, water filtration, water dosing, fountains, and water-featuring equipment. That is in addition to offering full irrigation systems for agriculture and the landscape. Our projects range from LEED-certified building complexes up to a city-scale level.

Behind our operation is a well-experienced and highly qualified RADIUS team of IA-certified professionals and US EPA Water Sense Partners.

RADIUS's geographical influence has grown through a network of regional companies, branches, and local and international partners to become a major consultant, distributor, contractor, and service provider within its expertise. That is in addition to a globally recognized RADIUS ACADEMY for smart irrigation and water management.

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