Established in 2010, RADIUS has been offering the Middle East & North Africa products & services of water sustainability, smart water management, water movement, and water quality improvement. Products and services include innovative systems and technologies at a city scale. In addition to filtration, fertigation, and water featuring & purifying systems. RADIUS offers as well irrigation systems for the landscape, agricultural, sports fields & golf courses. Through the years, RADIUS TRADING & RADIUS CONSTRUCTION became the pillars of the company firm and exponential growth.

We hold pride to keep expanding through RADIUS's own companies as well as through strategic and strong alliances. A well-based growth strategy that has helped offer products & services over a wide region. 

To fully support our mission and reach our goals, RADIUS acquired a well-experienced regional team backed by our manufacturers' and factories' support. That is in addition to a certified technical training program through a globally well-recognized RADIUS ACADEMY

Founder & Managing Director
Business Development