KAFD Conference Center, Riyadh
Dec 5, 2023

Our smart moisture sensor-based technology has been in operation for years now, managing precisely the irrigation system and taking care of the beautiful green walls of KAFD Main Plaza & Conference Center. A piece of art complex featuring green, light, and sustainability

Sharjah Sustainable City, UAE
Apr 2, 2023
King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh
Feb 8, 2023

The landscape of the King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) holds a strategic relevance reflecting the image of the capital.

While visiting the site in 2018 for audit reasons, it was noted that the landscape at the nursery had been suffering due to irrigation management practices including water quality. The biggest challenge for the landscape in a hot and dry climate such as Saudi Central Province is high evapotranspiration levels.    

Right afterwa...

The Golf Club of Lebanon, Beirut
Dec 14, 2022

"The Golf Club of Lebanon" (GCL) was established in 1923, according to the records of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, known as the “Home of Golf”. It is the oldest and largest golf club in Lebanon, and the only one still standing today of the four golf clubs that were present. RADIUS performed in 2018 audit which was followed by a major retrofit including drainage and irrigation works. That has helped reshape the course and bring back life to one of the most beautif...

Dubai Municipality Parks, UAE
Dec 1, 2022

Many cities are beautiful from the outside. But what makes Dubai special among them is being such at the backstage and down the underground. It is the periodic maintenance and the small details that make the big difference. We are fortunate at RADIUS to have had the chance to retrofit and install our smart system at DM projects. Installs that proved an efficient performance through live site visibility and water saving. RADIUS equipment & products including Ba...